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UCLA Musicology welcomes three visiting professors this winter and spring, in addition to Holley Replogle-Wong, here for the full year. Nina Treadwell (http://music.ucsc.edu/faculty/bios/treadwell.html) is Associate Professor of Music at UC Santa Cruz. Her work focuses on the experiential dimensions of performance and improvisation, with a particular emphasis on multi-media works. Her recent book Music and Wonder at the Medici Court: The 1589 Interludes for “La pellegrina” is informed by her experience as a performer (on plucked-string instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque periods) and explores the visceral responses of audience members with regard to the confluence of aural and visual media in Florentine spectacle, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards including grants from the Australian Federation of University Women, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Newberry Library, and the American Musicological Society.  Professor Treadwell is teaching Music History 26B (our survey of Baroque music) and working with graduate students in her fields of interest. 


Kristi Brown-Montesano, who is teaching Music History 12W (Writing About Music), holds the Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley, and is the Head of Music History at the Colburn School of Music in downtown Los Angeles. Her critical study, Understanding the Women of Mozart's Operas, was published in 2007; in it she explores some of the most well-known female characters in opera from a historical, critical, and feminist perspective, providing practical advice on how to make the characters "live" for contemporary audiences. Prof. Brown-Montesano has written on Mozart for opera companies around the globe, and is currently researching a book on music and childhood in Western culture.



Thanks to the support of the Herb Alpert School of Music, we are also welcoming award-winning documentarian and writer David Leaf (http://www.leafprod.com/) to UCLA to teach an undergraduate seminar entitled “Docs that Rock.” David Leaf is an award-winning writer/producer/director best known for his work on acclaimed pop culture programs, music specials and retrospectives, including the acclaimed recent documentary "The Night James Brown Saved Boston." As an author, Leaf has written three biographies (including the best-selling authorized biography of the Bee Gees and the ground-breaking Brian Wilson biography, The Beach Boys & The California Myth). Leaf also edited a book-length history of A&M Records and wrote the Beatles and Beach Boys chapters for Capitol Records 50th anniversary book. Among his record industry credits are liner notes for the award-winning re-issues of "Pet Sounds" and the "Good Vibrations" box set, which he co-produced.  In his class, Leaf will survey famous rock and roll documentaries, and then work with students to help them understand the creative process through which such films get made.