The Department of Musicology is thrilled to announce that our very own alumna, Professor Ljubica Ilic has recently published her first book, "Music and the Modern Condition: Investigating the Boundaries."

The book is described by Ashgate Publishing as: "Two crucial moments in the formation and disintegration of musical modernity and the musical canon occurred at the turn of the seventeenth and the first half of the twentieth century. Dr. Ljubica Ilic provides a fresh and close look at these moments, exploring the ways musical compositions shift to and away from ideological structures identified with modernity. The focus is on European art music whose grand narrative, defined by tonality and teleological development, begins in the seventeenth century and ends with twentieth century modernisms. Seeing musical storytelling as a metaphoric representation of selfhood, and modernity as a historical continuum, Ilic examines the boundaries and relationships between the musical work, the subject, and modern European history."

Professor Ljubica Ilic's profound insights on music and modernity has earned her extraordinary praise from voices as prominent as Professor Susan McClary's who stated: "I cannot overemphasize the originality and brilliance of Ljubica Ilic's project. Seventeenth-century music continues to be viewed as an awkward transition between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and her insights shed light not only on music history but on European culture in general: the problems of artistic autonomy, of representation, of subjectivity, of the ethical responsibility of art, of theology. I was continually astonished by the insights she brings forward throughout the book."

The Department of Musicology joyously congratulates Dr. Ljubica Ilic for her recent accomplishments.

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