Richard Hudson (PhD, UCLA) taught music history at UCLA from 1967-91, serving from 1967-71 also as Music Librarian at UCLA. His articles have appeared in Acta musicologica, Musica disciplina,Musical Quarterly, Journal of the Lute Society of America, andJournal of the American Musicological Society, and in both editions of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1980 and 2001).

His books include The Folia, the Saraband, the Passacaglia, and the Chaconne, 4 vols. (l982), The Allemande, the Balletto, and the Tanz, 2 vols.(1986), Stolen Time: The History of Tempo Rubato(1994, paperback 1997), and Jumping to Conclusions: The Falling-Third Cadences in Chant, Polyphony, and Recitative (2006). He edited the keyboard works of Benedict Schultheiss in the Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (1993).

He has also published music for pipe organ such as Trios for Organ, 2 vols. (1971-72, reprinted 1997), Suite of Organ Carol