Admissions/Applications to the Musicology Graduate Program

Q: Do you offer an M.A. in Musicology at UCLA?

We do not offer a terminal M.A. in Musicology. Students will earn their M.A. while completing the requirements for a Ph.D., and will be awarded the degree if they have not earned the degree at another institution. All graduate students entering the Department of Musicology at UCLA are expected to complete the Ph.D.

Q: Do I need experience in performance to be a better candidate for admission?

No. The Ph.D. in Musicology does not require performance as part of the degree requirements. A strong background in the Humanities and an ability to read music are expected, although many of our students are, indeed, also performers.

Q: I hear that it is extremely hard to get teaching jobs in a field like Musicology, how successful are the graduates of the Ph.D. in Musicology at UCLA?

While this is generally true, the UCLA Department of Musicology has had increasingly good success in placing its graduates. Preliminary data from the Musicology Job Wiki indicates that UCLA continued among the field's most successful programs, placing four students in 2009 (#1 in the country), and six in 2008 (#2 in the country, behind Chicago).

Q: What kind of financial support does the department provide its graduate students?

The Department of Musicology typically offers an admitted student financial support in the form of full fees, tuition, and a stipend (from some combination of fellowships or TAships) for 3-5 years, contingent on a student making good academic progress though the program. Additionally, the department has generally been able to offer students some kind of summer support, as well, often including the opportunity to design and teach undergraduate courses.

Q: What opportunities are there to win awards in the department and at UCLA more generally, as well as beyond UCLA?

The Department of Musicology offers many opportunities for its students to win departmental awards, which are explained on our website (/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=60). Our students have also won many campus-wide awards (many more than the size of our department would seem to warrant!), including the campus-wide Distinguished Teaching Award (a winner each of the past three years, and four over the past six years;, the Charles E. and Sue K. Young Awards for outstanding graduate students (several winners over the past decade), and the Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (at least one in each of the past dozen years (see, among others.

Our students have also been extremely active in giving reading papers at scholarly conferences around the country and in Europe, for which the department provides travel support; some of these have resulted in awards, as well: over the past few years, two of our students have won the coveted Mark Tucker Award from the Society for American Music (, and since 1997, 8 of the 11 of winners of the statewide Ingolf Dahl Award (for best graduate student paper) have been from UCLA ( Additionally, two of our graduates have won the Housewright Dissertation Award from the Society for American Music (

Q: Where may I get more materials regarding the graduate program in Musicology at UCLA?

All of our materials are online. Here are some helpful links:

Graduate Division Links:


UCLA Catalog:

Course Listings:

Q: How do I submit my materials for the graduate program in Musicology at UCLA?

All materials (except for official transcripts) should be uploaded to the UCLA online graduate application. This includes the statement of purpose, supplemental materials, writing samples, AND letters of recommendation. An applicant can upload unofficial transcripts to the online application, but MUST send 1 copy of official transcripts to the department address:

Graduate Advisor
UCLA Dept of Musicology
2443 Schoenberg Music Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1623

Also, please note that applicants submitting a GRE should send an official copie of the score report  the department AND internatioanl students taking the TOEFL should send an official score report to the department. (see /index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1325:admissions-and-degree-requirements&catid=9&Itemid=227 for my information)