Marie Louise Göllner (PhD, University of Munich), former Chair of Musicology at UCLA. Prior to joining the faculty at UCLA in 1970 she was employed by the Bavarian State Library in Munich to catalogue their extensive collection of early manuscripts (the official published catalogue of Music Manuscripts, Vol. I and II, 1979 and 1989). She has studied the music and theory of 14th-century France and Italy, and the music of the later Renaissance. Her writings constitute some of the more extensive investigations of the music of the Ars Nova, particularly her book on the early Trecento (Die Musik des frühen Trecento, 1963), which examines the musical genres of the period, their styles and sources, and the theoretical writings, primarily the Pomerium of Marchetto da Padova.

Her more recent books include the edition of Orlando di Lasso's hymns (Vol. 18 of theCollected Works II, 1980), The Manuscript Cod. Lat. 5539 of the Bavarian State Library(1993), Essays on Music and Poetry in the Late Middle Ages (especially the 13th-century motet and the chansons of Guillaume de Machaut, 2003), The Early Symphony: 18th-Century views on Composition and Analysis (2004). A festschrift in her honor appeared in 2004: The Echo of Music: Essays in Honor of Marie Louise Göllner.