Jeffrey Riggs is currently finalizing PhDs in the Department of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Languages and Cultures and the Department of Musicology at UCLA. As a dual PhD candidate, Jeffrey’s research interests are interdisciplinarily motivated. His dissertation for the Slavic department, entitled “‘Polnota zhiznennykh sil’: Viacheslav Ivanov’s Poetics of Theurgy,” situates the Russian Symbolist poet Viacheslav Ivanov’s concept of theurgy within a framework of Neoplatonist philosophy and Hellenistic-era religious practice. It demonstrates that Ivanov’s notion of symbolic art as theurgy, or “divine work,” derives from the implementation of symbola, or symbols, in theurgic rituals of late antiquity. Jeffrey’s sub-specialization in the Slavic department is in classical and Hellenistic philosophy and Attic and Koine Greek. His musicology dissertation, entitled “Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov the Antiquarian: Visions and Reconfigurations of the Slavic Past in the Opera Sadko,” approaches Rimsky-Korsakov’s musical and literary representation of Russian folklore from an interdisciplinary standpoint. It argues that Rimsky-Korsakov, drawing from the seamlessly musico-literary genre of the Russian byliny, reinterprets the narrative conventions of post-Wagnerian opera in the role of Sadko’s bardic narrator. Jeffrey is also an accomplished guitarist and singer.