Graduate student Oded Erez has been awarded the Young Scholar Award for a paper presented during the 2012 annual conference of the Israeli Musicological Society. The award is given each year for the best paper presented by a doctoral student or by a scholar who completed their PhD in the last three year. It includes a financial prize and publication of the wining paper in the society's online journal, Min-Ad.

 Oded's paper is titled "Reclaiming One's Schubert: Music, Ethos and Subjectivity in Roman Polanski's Death and the Maiden (1994)". It considers Polanski's film as an allegory where music, as the embodiment of a communal ethos, serves as a point of articulation between the individual and the community. This role of music, as carrying out a kind of ethical interpellation, is explored by examining three types of ethico-musical "events" within the film narrative.

The paper is based on work carried out in a graduate seminar titled "Ethics of Musicality," led by Prof. Olivia Bloechl.