Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

UCLA's Department of Musicology is one of the most successful graduate programs in American musicology. Recent alumni of the department teach at the University of Michigan, UT Austin, UC Irvine, Michigan State, Dalhousie University, Bates College, and other schools across the nation and the world. Our intellectual community is strikingly diverse, with U.S. graduate students from all regions of the country, international students from Canada, Mexico, Holland, Bermuda, Guatemala and Korea, and visiting scholars from as far away as China and the Ukraine. UCLA graduate students are highly professional, running both a respected online journal, ECHO , and the department's Distinguished Lecture Series.

In academic year 2010 the department completed a thorough-going revision of its curriculum, including a reconsideration of our signature core courses in Scholarship, Historiography, and Criticism (Musicology 200A-C). We have also liberalized the structure of examinations and requirements, seeking to streamline further the individualized, flexible degree program that has been our hallmark. UCLA's graduate seminars are extremely varied, with topics ranging across the entire history of music, through music theory and analysis, popular music, critical theory and music, social theory and music, and performance studies.

The UCLA Musicology department normally enrolls 4-5 students per year. We accept applications for the Ph.D. only (an M.A. is normally awarded to eligible students after two years). The department is committed to competitive multi-year packages of support, and at the present time can usually guarantee a minimum of one year of fellowship and three plus years of teaching assistantship to incoming students. Students normally graduate 5-6 years after matriculation.

For more information on our graduate program, please visit the Office of Student Services' website or Graduate Division's program requirements