Department "Grad Guide"

Official Grad Guide for graduate students. A good starting point for questions about degree progress, language requirements, exams, etc. (will be updated in fall 2011)

Graduate Studies Forms and Handouts
M.A. checksheet (to be updated soon) Ph.D. checksheet (to be updated soon)


Useful TA Information

Ph: (20)6-6591 B103
Campbell Hall

Evaluation of Instructional Program and Test Scoring Service
(Scantron people) 
Ph: (82)5-6939
55 Dodd Hall
Call them a week in advance to make an appointment to grade scantrons!

Instructional Media Library
Ph: (82)5-0755 46
Powell Library

ECHO/TA office
A67 Humanities Building Ph: (20)6-3187

Schoenberg TA Offices
2428 SMB
Ph: (20)6-7582 2438 SMB
Ph: (20)6-7583