d_acconeFrank D'Accone (PhD, Harvard), former Chair of Musicology at UCLA, is one of the leaders of his generation of musicologists. His primary research interests are Florentine and Sienese music of the 14th to the 17th centuries, and his 12-volume edition of this music constitutes a major source for students of the period. His articles in scholarly journals have covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from individual composers, such as Gagliano, Isaac and Pisano, to the musical activity in specific institutions, such as the baptistry of S Giovanni in Florence.

These writings combine to give a broad view of the musical scene in Renaissance northern Italy. Besides his editions, his books include The History of a Baroque Opera: Alessandro Scarlatti's Gli equivoci nel sembiante (1985) and The Civic Muse: Music and Musicians in Siena during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (1997). A festschrift in his honor appeared in 1996: Musica franca: Essays in Honor of Frank A. D'Accone. Professor D'Accone has been general editor of the American Institute of Musicology's series Corpus mensurabilis musicae since 1983, and co-editor ofMusica disciplina since 1988.