Professor Olivia Bloechl will be a featured workshop speaker at the Music - Race - Empire Symposium at University of Wisconsin- Madison on April 29, 2011.

The symposium will address some of the following issues: "What is the role of music in the production of race, and what is the impact of race in the transnational production, circulation, and consumption of musical practices? This event assembles a diverse group of scholars who are interested in these questions and who seek a critical intervention in the study of global music cultures." More information can be found at:

Professor Bloechl specializes in European and North American music history from 1500-1750, with a focus on early colonial music cultures, baroque opera, and French early music. She also publishes and teaches in the areas of postcolonial studies, continental theory, historiography, and ethics of history. Reflecting these interests, her research is broadly concerned with problems of difference in musical life, particularly colonial and racial difference, as well as historical relationships between music and state politics.

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