Prizes are awarded each Spring to the writers of an outstanding dissertation chapter, a seminar paper, and research proposal. In addition, the department awards two undergradu...'>

Prizes are awarded each Spring to the writers of an outstanding dissertation chapter, a seminar paper, and research proposal. In addition, the department awards two undergraduate prizes for best senior thesis and Civic Engagement.
The Herman and Celia Wise Fellowship

The Herman and Celia Wise Fellowship, generously funded by the Wises, encourages writing excellence within the department and awards the winner with a $1,200 prize.

2016 Mindy LaTour-O'Brien Virtuous Beauty
2015 Andrea Moore
Passion as History, History as Passion
2014 Jill Rogers

Coping with Grief Through Embodied Musical Practices:Memory, Movement, and Ravel’s Postwar Style Dépouillé

2013 Hyun Kyong Chang Exiles in a Sacred Nation: Music, Politics, and Protestantism in Cold War South Korea
2012 Alexandra Apolloni Wishin' and Hopin': Race, Self-Invention, and Dusty Springfield's Voice
2011 Joanna Love-Tulloch When Soda Met Pop: Michael Jackson and Pepsi Make the Deal of Century
2010 Kelsey Cowger On Art and Danger: 4 Fluxus Musics
2009 Marcie Lynn Ray The Querelle des Anciens et des Modernes at the Opera Comique
2008 Kariann Goldschmitt    Blame it on theBossa Nova: From Dance Fads to Easy Listening, 1959-1971
2007 Sara Gross François Couperin and the Idea of Caractére
2006 Caroline O'Meara The Bush Tetras Make Manhattan: Noise on the Grid
2005 Kate Bartel The Queen of Heaven and the Emperor's Celestial Choices: Issac's Virgo Prudentissima and Maximilian I
2004 Cecilia Sun Minimalism's Myths of Origins: Terry Riley's In C
2003 Charles Hiroshi Garrett Chinatown, Whose Chinatown? Defining America's Borders with Musical Orientation
2002 Maria Cizmic Arvo Pärt: Transending the Icon
2000 Steven Baur Music, Morals, and Social Management: Mendelssohn in Post-Civil War America
1999 Nasser Al-Taee Janissary Music andthe Concept of the Other in Eighteenth-Century Viennese Instrumental Works
1998 Steve Allen Gordon Mahler's Seventh Symphony, Modernism, and the Crisis of Austrian Liberalism
Mary Bianco Fellowship
The Mary Bianco Fellowship, generously funded by Ms. Bianco, highlights and writing excellence within the department and awards the winner with a $1,200 prize.
2001 Jacqueline Warwick “He's Got the Power”: Production and Authorship in Girl Group Music
The Charles and Carmela Speroni Fellowship
Each spring the department holds a competition among the graduate students and awards the Charles and Carmella Speroni Fellowship for an outstanding seminar paper. Funded generously by Ms. Speroni, the competition highlights and encourages writing excellence within the department and awards the winner with a $1,200 prize.
2006 Kelsey Cowger Decadent Wagnerians: Masochism, Cultism & Gulit in Wagnerian Aesthetics
2005 Ljubica Ilic Between Myth and History: Ljubica Maric's Byzantine Concerto
2004 Barbara Moronicini Messian - Out of Time
2003 Griffin Woodworth Miscegenation and Mysogyny in Rap-Metal Music
2002 Andrew Berish  
2001 Charles Hiroshi Garrett Louis Armstrong and the Sound of Migration
2000 Cecilia Sun “A Restrained Testament to his Spirit”?: Pure Form or Moral Content in Gavin Bryars' Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet(Abstract)
1999 Dale Chapman Cool Containment: Jazz, Whiteness, and Culture Politics During the Early Cold War Period
1998 Francesca Draughon “Truth and Poetry in Music”: Autobiography in the Funeral March of Mahler's First Symphony (Abstract)
1997 Stuart De Ocampo Mediation and Modality: Subjunctive Discourse in the Motets of Alessandro Grandi
1996 Kaspar Partovi  
1995 Steven Baur Ravel's “Russian” Period: Octatonicism in his Early Works
1994 Christina Magaldi  
The Friends of Musicology Best Seminar Paper Award
Each spring the department holds a competition among the graduate students and gives one graduate student an award for the best  seminar paper of that previous academic year.
2016 Alejandro Garcia Sudo
Nuancing the Postcolonial Gaze: The Case for an Indigenous Patriotic Epistemology in the Codex Martínez Compañon
2015 Jake Johnson
Do You Have Love for Humankind?: The Posthuman Sound World of CocoRosie
2014 Breena Loraine Entrepreneurship, Licensing, and Branding: Three Ideologies of Neoliberal Capitalism Pervasive in Today’s Music Industry
2013 Oded Erez Becoming Mediterranean:The Sound of Aris San and the Greek Heterotopias of Israel in the 1960s
2012 Mike D'Errico Bassweight: Dubstep and the Transnational Space of Hip-Hop
2011 Jillian Rogers Mourning at the Piano: Grief and French Pianism during World War I
2010 Zachary Wallmark  Noise, Music, and Power in the Industrial City, 1890–1930
2010 Alexandra Roedder - Honorable Mention Hello, Wall•E!: Music as Signifier of the Human
2009 Peter Lawson "A sad and sorrowful triumph of death": Responses to plague in Monteverdi'sSelva."
2009 Alexandra Apolloni- Honorable Mention Blues Legacies and Punk Politics: On Beth Ditto, Fatness, and the Abject
2008 Hyun Kyong Chang Deconstructing John Coltrane: Coltrane as an Authentic Jazz Man and Politics of Representation in 1960s
2007 Marcie Ray Forsaking All "Other": Marriage, Birth and the Fate of Comedy in Jean-Philippe Rameau's Platee
Robert Stevenson Prize 
(runner-up to the Speroni Award)
1995 Beth Lorenzo  
Walter Rubsamen Prize
(runner-up to the Speroni Award)
1995 Nasser Al-Taee  
Norman Faye Graduate Student Fellowship for Best Graduate Student
2002 Jacqueline Warwick  
Ciro Zoppo Graduate Student Award
The Ciro Zoppo Graduate Student Award, generously funded by Ms. Rosemary Zoppo, encourages the study and performance of the works of lesser-known composers with a $3,000 prize. (Guidelines) 
2016 Damjam Rakonjac Apparitions of Bailly: Echoes of Symbollism From Fin-de-Siecle Paris
2015 Anahit Rostomyan  
2013 Jillian Rogers Marcelle de Manziarly and the Composition of Crisis
2012 Mindy LaTour O’Brien Spiritual Song across the Confessional Divide: the music of Guillaume de Chastillon de La Tour
2011 Lindsey Strand-Polyak Decadence, Meraviglia and Mazarin's Pleasure Excavating the Late Violin Sonatas of Marco Uccellini's Ozio Regio
2010 Hyun Kyong Chang Forgotten and Banned in Cold War Koreas: Piano Works of Kim Soon Nam
2009 Julius Reder Carlson Mendelssohn's "Jewish" legacy: The Synagogue oeuvre of Louis Lewandowski
2008   Marcie Lynn Ray In Search of Madame Favart's "Voice": A musical biography
2007 Sara Gross The Accompanied Sonata and the Female Amateur in Eighteenth-Century France
2006 Elizabeth Morgan Sounds of Persuasion: Music for the Pianoforte from Jane Austen's Notebooks
2005 Stephan Pennington Friedrich Hollaender's Kabarettrevue
2003 Louis Niebur  
2002 Kate Bartel A Performance of Plenitude: Chiara Margarita Cozzolani's “O quam bonus es”
2001 Gordon Haramaki Nicholas Lanier’s Body and King Charles’ Hand: “English” Recitative as Expressive Prosthesis

Department Distinguished Teaching Award

The department honors individuals who bring respect and admiration to the scholarship of teaching. By recognizing teachers for their achievements, this award is an effective way to honor excellence in teachiing in the Department of Musicology.

2016 Anahit Rostomyan  
2015 Tiffany Naiman  
2014 Benjamin Court  

Friends of Musicology Best Undergraduate Senior Thesis

The department has a competition among the undergraduates in comjunction with the senior thesis or capstone requirement. This award is given to the best senior thesis of the academic year.

2016 Emily Mellen
Voicing Nationalism:  Interpreting Singers Fairuz and Umm Kulthum.
2015 Sandra Kilman
Popular Music & The Civil Rights Movement
2014 Caleb Heulit  I Will Always Love Who?
2013 Johanna Heyer
Playing with Soul: Academic Jazz, Racial Integration, and the Berkeley High School Jazz Program
2012 Laura Maggay  Heavy Metal Queens: Heavy Metal Glam's Assertion of Hyper-masculinity
2011 Jessica Berns  
2010 Alysse Padilla  The Musicality of Mae West: A Study of Musical Principles in Speech and Voice
2009 Mary Collins  The Four Seasons: A Classical Hit
2008 Blenda Im  The Heart of Worship: "Simplextities" In Contemporary Christian Music
2008 Jee Won Suh - Runner Up  Never "Standing By": Sound Recordings as Dynamic Agents
John Bragin Prize in Muiscology
Awarded for the best undergraduate paper on Post-World War I avant-garde music, with particular encouragement to submissions that deal in whole or in part with the career of Pierre Boulez as critic, composer, and conductor.
2007 Charles Stratford Integration to Disintegration: An Analysis of Boulez's le marteau sans maitre
2007 Sayo Yamagata "The hum of thoughts evaded in the mind": Boulez's Reconciliation with Music Language in Improvisation sur Mallarme II
2006 Timothy Kane Cage's Concerto for Prepared Piano and Orchestra: A Pivotal Piece
2005 Jonathan Piper "Listening to Difficulty": The Developing of a Personal Listening Strategy Using Phenomenological Description Applied to Ais by Iannis Xenakis
2004 Steve Coy Schoenberg est vivant:  The Motivations behind Boulez's Le Marteau Sans Maitre
Music History Undergraduate Award for Civic Engagement
The Department of Musicology is offering a relatively new award recognizing outstanding service to the community on the part of undergraduate Music History majors. 'Community' is defined broadly to include any community that does not consist wholly of UCLA students, staff or faculty; 'service,' as a use of the training and expertise gained through the Music History major to enrich the lives of the members of that community.
2013  Kyle Kaplan  
2011 Jordan Serchuk