Sonic Doom:  Decay, Disease, and Destruction in Music

An interdisciplinary conference presented by Echo: A Music-Centered Journal

May 13 and 14

Popper Hall, Schoenberg Music Buildling, UCLA


Keynote Addresses:

May 13, 4:00 PM:  “Listeners in the Hands of an Intolerable Sound,” Professor Mitchell Morris, UCLA

May 14, 4:00 PM:  “Sound Wounds:  A History of Music Through Pain,” Professor James Deaville, Carleton University, Ottawa


The editorial board of Echo, a peer-reviewed, online journal published by the graduate students in the UCLA Department of Musicology, is thrilled to invite you to our fifth annual conference, Sonic Doom:  Decay, Disease, and Destruction in Music.

From the Requiem Mass to death metal, from mourning to torture, music has long been used as a means of evoking, communicating, and sometimes creating decay, disease, and destruction. Music can represent otherwise inexpressible states of pain and the sublime, and can function as a means of representing, mediating, and understanding violence and loss. This conference will open new dialogues on the darker side of musical and sonic culture. Paper topics range from the aesthetics of heavy metal, to representations of violence in opera and in film scores, to the role of music in local and global conflicts.  Please visit for full program details, and come join us on May 13 and 14!  Admission is free and open to all.