Ph.D Alumni of UCLA Musicology

Year Name Dissertation Title
2011 Jessica Bissett Perea
The Politics of Inuit Musical Modernities in Alaska
Gwyneth Bravo Staging Death: Allegory in the Operas of Erwin Schulhoff and Viktor Ullmann
Peter Broadwell Swashbucklers on Stage: Musical Depictions of Pirates and Bandits in English Theater, 1650-1820
Ross Fenimore
Madonna's Confession: Sound, Self, and Survival in a Love Song
Marcus Desmond Harmon Harris/Cash: Identity, Loss, and Mourning at the Borders of Country Music
Julianne Lindberg Through the Looking Glass: Child-Inspired Keyboard Albums of the French fin de siecle
Graham Raluerson
The Hobo in American Musical Culture
Marianna Ritchey Echoes of the Guillotine: Berlioz and the French Fantastic
Eric Wang Mistuning the World: A Cultural History of Tuning and Temperament in the Seventeeth Century
2010 Stephen Pennington Made For Love: Marlene Dietrich, the Comedian Harmonists, and Performances of Gender at the End of the Weimar Republic
2009 Ewelina Boczkowska Sites of Remembrance: Music and Memory in Polish Films
  Kariann Goldschmitt Bossa Mundo: Brazilian Popular Music's, Global Transformations 1938-2008

Loren Kajikawa Centering the Margins: Black Music and American Culture, 1980-2000

Elizabeth Morgan The Virtuous Virtuosa: Women at the Pianoforte in England, 1780-1820

Marcie Ray Opera-Comique Restages the Querelle des Anciens et des Modernes, 1697-1745

Holley Replogle Crossover and Spectacle in American Operatta and the Megamusical
2008 Philip Gentry The Age of Anxiety: Music, Politics, and McCarthyism, 1948-1954

Sara Gross Keyboard Portraits: Performing Character in the Eighteenth Century

Gordon Haramaki Beyond the Seconda Practica: Claudio Monteverdi and the Poetics of Genre After Orfeo

Barbara Moroncini Experimental Music after Los Angeles: Site, Power, Self, Sound

Griffin Woodworth Just Another One of God's Gifts: Prince, African-American Masculinity, and the Sonic Legacy of the Eighties
2007 Jonathan Greenberg Singing Up Close: Voice, Language, and Race in American Popular Music, 1925-1935
Ljubica Ilic Music and the Modern Condition: Investigating the Boundaries
Lisa Musca The Piano Fragment and the Decomposing of the Musical Subject from the Romantic to the Postmodern
Erica Scheinberg Music and the Technological Imagination in the Weimar Republic: Media, Machines, and the New Objectivity
Stephanie Vander Wel "I am a Honky-Tonk Girl": Country Music, Gender and Migration
Lawrence Wayte Bitches Brood: The Progeny of Miles Davis's Bitches Brew and the Sound of Jazz-Rock
2006 Kate Bartel Portal of the Skies: Four Scenes in the Musical Life of the Virgin Mary ca. 1500-1650

Olivia Mather "Cosmic American Music": Place and the Country Rock Movement 1965-1974

Caroline O'Meara New York Noise: Music in the Postindustrial City, 1978-1985
2005 Andrew Berish Swinging Transcontinental Modernity, Race, Place In American Dance Music, 1930-1946

J. Lester Feder "Song of the South" Country Music, Race, Region, and the Politics of Culture 1920-1974

Elizabeth Lorenzo Opera and the Ordered Nation: Massenet's Esclarmonde In Performance at the 1889 Paris Exposition

Yara Sellin DJ: Performer, Cyborg, Dominatrix

Grace Tam The Penitential Theology of Henry Purcell as Expressed In His Sacred Songs
2004 Maria Cizmic Performing Pain: Music and Trauma in 1970s and 80s Eastern Europe
Charles Hiroshi Garrett Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music in the Twentieth Century
James Kennaway Musical Pathology in the Nineteenth Century: Richard Wagner and Degeneration
Louis Niebur Special Sound: Electronic Music in Britian and the Creation of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop
Cecilia Sun Experiments in Musical Performance: Historiography, Politics, and the Post-Cagian Avant-Garde
2003 Durrell Bowman Permanent Change: Rush, Musicians' Rock, and the Progressive Post-Counterculture
Dale Chapman Specters of Jazz: Style, Ideology, and Jazz as Postmodern Practice
Mark Martin Jean Sibelius and the Construction of Finnish National Identity
Glenn T. Pillsbury Pure Black, Looking Clear: Genre, Race, Commerce, and the Music of Metallica
Nadya Zimmerman Sixties Synergy: Musical Strands of the San Francisco Counterculture
2002 Bettie Jo Basinger Liszt's Symphonic Poems and the "New Manifestation of the Human Spirit"
Francesca Draughon Mahler and the Music of Fin-de-siècle Identity
Jacqueline Warwick "I Got All My Sisters With Me": Girl Culture, Girl Identity, Girl Group Music
2001 Steven Baur "Let Me Make the Ballads of a Nation and I Care Not Who Makes Its Laws": Music, Culture, and Social Politics in the United States, c. 1860–1890
Daniel Goldmark Happy Harmonies: Music and the Hollywood Animated Cartoon
Michelle Hill The Accompanied Keyboard Sonata: Contributions to the Genre by Women Composers in England ca. 1776-1810
Marischka Hopcroft Franz Liszt as Libidinal Economy of Enjoyment
Maiko Kawabata Violin Heroism in the Nineteenth Century
2000 Christopher Page Leonard Bernstein and the Resurrection of Gustav Mahler
Joni Steshko Igor Stravinsky's 1919 Firebird Suite: Critical Edition, Sources, and Commentary
Marissa Soloman-St. Laurant The Operas of Paul Wranitzky: Their Position in the Development of German Opera in Vienna, 1789–1808
1999 Nasser Al-Taee The Sultan's Seraglio: Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy in 18th Century Viennese "Turkish" Music
Joanne Althouse Jose Elias and Late Baroque Organ Music in Spain
1998 David Ake Being Jazz: Images and Identities
Alison Deadman "Augletti che cantate": Handel, his Woodwind players, and his London
Steven Gordon Mahler's Seventh Symphony, Modernism and the Crisis of Austrian Liberalism
Bonnie Gritton The Pedagogy of Friedrich Wieck
Robert Hutchins Polyphonic Mass Music by Some Early 15th Century Composers from the Diocese of Liege: Lovanio, Nicolaus Natalis, and Hugo de Lantins
Eunah Kong Music at the Interface of Cultural Identity: Opera of Korea, 1948 to the Present
1997 Guozhong Sun Zhu Jian-er's Symphonies: Context, Style, and Significance

Sandra Yang The Composer and Dance Collaboration in the 20th Century: Darius Milhaud's Ballets, 1918-1958
1996 Jeongmee Kim The Heterophony of Korean-German Musical Culture: A Cultural and Political Examination of Tsang Yum's Music

Margot Martin Essential Agréments: Arts, Dance, and Civility in Seventeenth-Century French Harpsichord Music
1995 Kay Lipton The Opere Buffe of Pietro Alessandro Gugliemi in Vienna and Esterhaza: Contributions to the Developement of Opera Buffa between 1768-1793
1994 Cristina Magaldi Concert Life in Rio de Janeiro, 1837-1900
Blair Sullivan Grammar and Harmony: The Written Representation of Musical Sound in Carolingian Treatises
Willie Strong Philosophies of African-American Music History
Bonnie Stallings Diegetic Music in the Operas of Benjamin Britten: The Case of "Peter Grimes."
1992 Craig Custer The Russian Choral-Orchestra Cantata from the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century to the Revolution
Ronald Shaheen Neoclassical Influences in the Two Versions of Giovanni Simone Mayr's Lodoiska
1991 Haiping Hu Das Lied Von Der Erde: The Culmination of Mahler's Artistic Life

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