The Department of Musicology inaugurated its annual Robert Stevenson Lecture in 2002, with Professor Gary Tomlinson's lecture "Inca Singing at Cuzco, April 1535." This lecture series honors the career of UCLA Professor Emeriti Robert Stevenson, a leading scholar of Hispanic music.

Since then, the Stevenson Lecture Series has welcomed talks by:

2011-2012: Professor Tess Knighton, "Music books and booksellers in sixteenth-century Spain"

2010-2011: Professor Geroge Lewis, "Improvised Music as Model And Metaphor"

2009-2010: Professor Martha Feldman, "Castrato De Luxe: Bloods, Gifts, and Goods"

2008-2009: Professor Alejandro Planchart, "Venerabilis vir Guillermus Du Fay, Musicus"

2007-2008: Professor Richard Taruskin, "Did Somebody Say Censorship?"

2006-2007: Professor Ruth Solie, "Railroads, Beethoven, and Victorian Modernity"

2005-2006: Professor Joseph Kerman, "William Byrd: Catholic and Careerist"

2004-2005: Professor Maynard Solomon, "'In the Beginning': Creation Scenarios from Mozart to Schubert"

2003-2004: Professor Rose Rosengard Subotnik, "Did Tin Pan Alley Sell Faulty 'Equipment for Living'?"

2002-2003: Professor Gary Tomlinson, "Inca Singing at Cuzco, April 1535."

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